Incredible Troupe of Passionate Performers

I have had the benefit of coming into contact with The Runaway Circus twice already. The first time was during an event at which they performed. I was blown away by their skill, as well as the affability of their personalities following the performance. They loved what they did and their performance and personal interaction exuded this.

Late on, I was getting ready to direct a music video, for which I knew I wanted some acrobatic and aerial elements. I contact The Runaway Circus and they were very excited about joining forces on this project. They brought 110% on the day of filming, and helped to make the project a huge success. Honestly, to this day, their scenes in the video are still some of my very favorite!

All in all, I can, with total confidence recommend hiring this amazing group for your event, as instructors, or to help make a creative project that much better!

They made my wedding the talk of the town!

Sara and her crew are not only incredibly talented, they are also great to work with. I really wanted to be a part of the performance and they worked to find a way they could work me in. I ended up being revealed in a hoop by a curtain unveiling. It was truly epic! They also performed silks and Spanish web which was highly loved by the audience. I definitely recommend their services!

Fun, talented and professional

I booked the Vagabonds for an adult, circus-themed Halloween Party at my Bar/Grill. They were a perfect fit. They dressed the part and entertained my patrons for 2 hours! They did a great job working with their surroundings.

Energetic group for any age!

We had The Runaway Circus for our School Age children. They came and did a performance and it was very entertaining and exciting. They brought props, a backdrop, and their adorable little boy who stole the show!

Exceeded Expectations

The Runaway Circus did a great job with our fun-packed, circus-themed fundraiser at Fitzgerald’s last night. They were professional, talented, and fun to work with. We received exactly what we expected and then some! I highly recommended them for your party.

Vagabonds at Diner en Blanc

Working with Sara and the Vagabonds for Diner en Blanc was an absolute treat. Initially, I went to see a show they had running at Stage 773 and I was really impressed with the creativity and skill of the show. I decided to book them for Diner en Blanc. We had some issues with the venue not allowing certain things and Sara was very accommodating. She put together a program that worked for our event and made the venue people happy. Because of the Vagabonds we had a beautiful and exciting event. Thank you!!

School Enrichment Ones —

The Runaway Circus has been a tremendous success in our school’s enrichment program. The students love attending class, they are actively moving the whole class and so engaged! I would recommend The Runaway Circus to any program looking to enhance their school in a unique and exciting way.

Amy – Enrichment Director – St. Josaphat School

This is our first year having the Runaway Circus at our preschool and I am so impressed with the program and its curriculum. The class is well organized and they bring everything they need with them each week. The children love the program and ask each day if it is a circus day! The instructors are wonderful with the children and very encouraging. I can already see that after just a couple of classes the children’s confidence level has increased. We are thrilled to have The Runaway Circus at our preschool and I highly recommend the program.

Gail Nemoy – Director – Northbrook Community Nursery School